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    Hematologic testing
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Hematologic testing

Fluid-phase biomarkers of disease are an invaluable tool both for diagnostic and for monitoring purposes in patients. Likewise, reproducible, reliable and cost-effective determinations of disease biomarkers detectable in body fluids are a requirement in pre-clinical research carried out in mouse models.

The Clinical Chemistry and Haematology service is available to screen the major metabolic function of mice. In order to bypass the drawback involved in working with small sample volumes, well established technologies utilized in human biochemical science have been adapted to optimize and validate reliable assays.

The diagnostic laboratory is staffed by experienced laboratory technicians. The range of procedures and tests conducted in-house is complemented and expanded by use of established outside reference laboratories when necessary, as coordinated by the laboratory.

Clinical Chemistry includes: blood and urine biochemistry, serum protein electrophoresis (SPE) and HPLC metabolites determination. Automated blood cell counts are also performed.