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Mouse house

The OSR Mouse House is a modern, technologically advanced facility for the maintenance and breeding of rodents to be used for experimental research. The OSR mouse house operates under the conditions and guidelines established by the Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA), particularly as it concerns the monitoring of health controls, the prevention of pain and distress and the executions of procedures of good laboratory practice under stringent SPFO conditions.

All experimental protocols involving rodents housed at the OSR Mouse House need mandatory approval by the local IACUC. Besides assessing the scientific quality of the proposals involving experimental rodents and the underlying statistics, the OSR IACUC emphasizes the use and implementation of a harm-benefit analysis (HBA). HBA is the cornerstone of ethical evaluation, as it will determine if the use of animals is justified. The overarching ethical principles that need to be considered when engaging in animal research are driven by the same doctrines of replacement, reduction, and refinement in both the United Stated and Europe.